The evolution of contact centers has changed how customers interact with companies.  Customers want fast results and they want to do it in their channel of choice.  That is why offering a variety of methods for customers to get in contact with your company, is essential to increasing customer loyalty.

Studies show that 53% of customers would prefer to use web chat before contacting the company for support (ICMI).  Customers feel that by opting to go through the live chat feature, they get quicker results than by contacting the company call center and having to go through the prompts or wait in queue.  From a business perspective, 79% of organizations have seen an increase in customer loyalty, sales and revenue when adding live chat to their contact center (ICMI).

As you can see, adding chat to your support center offers substantial benefits to your client base and bottom line. 

Here are a couple more reasons as to why adding live chat is a good business decision:  

Increased Productivity

By adding live chat to your support center, agents now have the ability to work on multiple interactions at once.  Unlike phone where you are only limited to one.  By handling more customers at once, you are able to support up to five times more customers!  Incorporating chat lets you deflect some of the call volume which allows for quicker response times to customers needing to call in. 

Customer Convenience

As people become increasingly busy with work and life, they often prefer to have their issues resolved in a way that fits their lifestyle.  By adding chat, your customers can benefit from working on other tasks all while getting the support needed from your contact center.  Adding this level of convenience increases the overall customer experience and is very appreciated by your customers 😊

About Loreto Consulting

Loreto Consulting is call center consulting company that helps organizations with their digital transformation efforts.  Our consultants help design, build and implement industry leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) telephony platforms, so that organizations can increase customer loyalty, drive new revenue, and reduce operational cost.  Our CX strategy focuses on putting your customers at the forefront, in order to improve their experience across all touchpoints.