With customers being able to access information in a matter of seconds, it is very important to know just how they perceive your brand.  First impressions can determine whether or not that person is a new customer, or is turned off by your web presence.  Understanding every touchpoint that your customers go through is extremely important in increasing customer retention.  That is why every company who is looking to become more customer centric should implement a Customer Journey Map. 

Customer Journey Mapping is a visual representation of every customer interaction with your brand.  The journey can range from the first time they visit your website, to how they feel after purchasing your product or service.  By constructing a journey, you can better understand what your customers are experiencing while interacting with your brand.

The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping

  1. Getting to know your Customers Better

When creating a journey map, you are mapping out all of the touchpoints your customers go through when interacting with your brand.  This powerful tool allows you to point out possible pain points that your customers may be experiencing at each one.  Be sure to talk to your front line, process owners and of course, your customers for feedback on possible pain points.

2. Creating Solutions

Once you have a visual representation of your customer journey and the pain points associated with each touchpoint, you can now strategize with team members on possible solutions.  Having the pain points listed in a journey format really allows your staff to walk in your customers’ shoes and figure out what solutions may be best to alleviate certain pain points.

Implementing a customer journey map can be done at any stage within a company.  Whether you are a startup or been in business for some time.  Startups can put together a rough map, in order to see what the touchpoints may be, and how customers may react to them.  This may also drive process improvement at an early stage.  Existing companies should be proactive in their customer experience journey.  Don’t wait for the negative reviews to come in.  It is a competitive world and your competitors are jumping at the opportunity to take your customers.  Start the process early and have it be a continual effort.  Always strive to improve!

About Loreto Consulting

Loreto Consulting is call center consulting company that helps organizations with their digital transformation efforts.  Our consultants help design, build and implement industry leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) telephony platforms, so that organizations can increase customer loyalty, drive new revenue, and reduce operational cost.  Our CX strategy focuses on putting your customers at the forefront, in order to improve their experience across all touchpoints.