Definitive Logic – Internal Service Desk Case Study

Implemented in: 6 weeks

Ticket Volume/Month: 500+

Internal Support Teams: 8

Agents: 8

Light Agents: 74

Being one of the most sought out IT consulting firms and a preferred technology partner for the federal government, Definitive Logic has been disrupting the government contracting space in the fields of data science, apps, devops, cyber and cloud solutions.  As they continue to innovate for their customers, Definitive Logic realized that they also needed to focus their efforts internally, starting with a way to manage their internal inquires more efficiently.

Co-Founder and CEO Paul Burke turned to Loreto Consulting to help with their internal service desk efforts, in order to improve the employee experience.  Before engaging Loreto, Definitive Logic employees were submitting requests via Microsoft forms, emails, phone calls and even office drop ins.  This proved troublesome for the staff.  There was no ticket management system that allowed the team to track and resolve inquiries in a timely manner.  In addition, Definitive Logic would also use a third party to help troubleshoot any IT issues.  This was a concern for the company because they were worried that the employees were needing to go through many hurdles in efforts to submit requests. 

Paul Burke “We noticed that the current process wasn’t efficient.  There were a lot of redundancies that impacted the performance of our support team and also the experience of our employees.  We needed a way to streamline the flow of communications so that all requests would come through one service desk.”

Upon meeting with Paul and his team, we were able to collect the necessary requirements to help achieve their business case. Six months after the service desk implementation, Definitive Logic has seen great success.  We were able to assign one support email for all types of requests.  IT related issues that come through the CRM are now automatically routed to the third party company for resolution.  End users now get immediate notification of ticket submittal and can also see current stages of the ticket.  On top of eliminating the multiple support emails and condensing it into one, we were able to utilize the online portal to create specific forms that would be routed to the appropriate support groups based on the classification.  This was tremendous for the agents because they knew exactly which ticket they needed to work on.

Since the implementation, Paul has seen an up rise in productivity from his team.

Paul Burke “After implementing the new CRM and standing up the service desk, I have noticed that the team seems a lot happier.  They love the fact that all requests flow through one system where they no longer have to track items down and assign it to different departments.  The automation has helped them be more productive and they can now focus their time on resolving the inquiries.  Our employees are also thrilled that they no longer have to email multiple parties to get one thing solved.  The designated email and portal has helped tremendously with our customer experience.  That was huge for us.  We always want to ensure that our employees are satisfied with our processes.  Given the success, we are looking into adding other channels of communication, implementing AI and building out a self-service center.”

We continue to support Definitive Logic with all of their service support needs and look forward to their continued success.