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Customer Experience is at the forefront of every digital transformation journey.  It starts the moment customers learn about your company.  Customer perception forms as a result of their interactions with your people, processes, systems, social reviews, and other interactions that make up your brand.  CX leaders enjoy higher revenue, fewer complaints, loyal customers, and employee longevity and productivity.  Our solution helps you connect with your customers on a deeper level by identifying their emotions and feelings when interacting with your brand.  That is why having a clear CX strategy is critical within your organization.

Our Customer Experience solution helps customers with:

  • Developing a CX vision
  • Developing a business strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Voice of Customer Implementation
  • Customer Personas and Empathy Stories
  • Human-Centered Design


80% of companies feel they deliver great service.  90% of their customers feel otherwise.  We start every CX initiative with a maturity assessment.  Establishing a baseline and getting organizational buy in the in beginning is important.  By creating a CX vision, we begin to align the company and its employees on what the future looks like.  It defines our goals and objectives in becoming more customer centric.

As part of our CX strategy, we outline the current state of the business.  This will allow us to map out the processes so that we may analyze and examine for improvement.  We will work  alongside your SMEs to help identify pain points and map them along the journey.

Customer Journey Mapping

One of the most important aspects of CX is customer journey mapping.  This is a visual representation of the customer journey which outlines every touchpoint your customers have with your company.  This tool is utilized to identify areas of opportunities that lead to better experiences, which translate into customer retention, repeat business and positive referrals.

Customer Engagement

Talk to your customers!  Getting an insider perspective is a great starting point when identifying customer pain points.  By engaging with your customers, we can see if those paint points match what your employees have listed in the journey map.  Our team of consultants help establish a plan to illicit feedback not only from your customers, but from employees who interact with them frequently.  Front line staff get first hand notice of what frustrations customers are experiencing with your product or service.

Customer Analytics

Capturing key data is vital for program success.  It will highlight whether or not your customers are getting a great experience.  We focus on collecting data on what’s really occurring during the customer journey. Our reporting tools will help turn company data into actionable insight.  Our tools will help drill down on critical business drivers such as Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores in order to uncover issues and provide solutions.




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