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Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center Solutions

At Loreto Consulting, our main focus is customer satisfaction.  By outsourcing your contact center needs, you are trusting us with your customers.  We do not take that responsibility lightly.  We understand the importance of a satisfied customer and delivering results.  With years of contact center experience, our team of professionals put together the right people to help you with your interaction needs.

Our Solution

Give your customers the choice on how to communicate.  Our Omnichannel supports voice, chat, email, fax, SMS text, and Social Media.  We are able to route your customers quickly, to our experienced agents.  Our all in one comprehensive contact center solution provides this and much more.

Workforce Management

Leave the forecasting to us.  Our reporting experts are able to staff our agents to optimize performance and adhere to service levels.

Omni Channel Support

In today’s world, customers want the flexibility to communicate via different channels.  Let us help you provide that service to your loyal customers.  Whether it be voice, chat, email, etc., we will ensure to deliver superior customer service.

Quality Management

With our quality management system, we are able to provide real time monitoring, ensuring high customer satisfaction ratings and agent development.

Knowledge-base Management

Whether using and existing CRM or customizing a new one, we are here to help.  Our platform allows for seamless integration with leading CRM providers.

Customer Satisfaction

Hearing from your customers is critical.  With our automated survey system, we are able to understand your customers and provide recommendations.

Why Choose Us?

When you partner with LC, we become a part of your vision.  It is not enough to train agents on product knowledge.  We teach our agents to understand our customers’ mission statement.  What they are trying to accomplish so that it reflects during the customer interaction.  Your vision now becomes our vision.  At LC, we do not coach our agents, we develop them.  We do so by:

  • Empowering them.
  • Listening to their ideas and recommendations
  • Open communication
  • Growth opportunities
  • Training

Our quality and training programs ensure that our staff get the tools and resources needed to succeed.  Proper training not only teaches the product, but how to be human with our customers.  While other companies focus on issue resolution, we focus on customer satisfaction.  Was the customer pleased with the service you provided in addition to the information given?


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