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How to provide an effortless Customer Experience

Reducing customer effort is essential when it comes to enhancing the customer experience.  Consumers today want their lives to be as easy as possible.  Businesses hoping to compete in this modern marketplace need to adapt their customer-facing strategies to...

The Time for Chatbots is Now

With the overwhelming impact Covid-19 has had on contact centers, chatbots are becoming more of a requirement and not so much a choice.  Implementing chatbots into your organization shouldn’t be a daunting project.  With the right team and planning, you can start...

Is UCaaS the Work From Home Solution?

As companies scramble to deploy solutions that enable their employees to work from home effectively. A Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution provides the tools for collaboration, communication and coordination. It is time to get your work from home...

COVID-19 Business Continuity Resources

Businesses and governments are increasingly asking employees to work from home or are shifting work to employees in less affected regions to maintain business continuity and handle large swings in interaction volume during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. NICE...

Definitive Logic Case Study

Definitive Logic – Internal Service Desk Case Study Implemented in: 6 weeks Ticket Volume/Month: 500+ Internal Support Teams: 8 Agents: 8 Light Agents: 74 Being one of the most sought out IT consulting firms and a preferred technology partner for the federal...

Are You Ready for the Future of Customer Service?

This is a great article published by ICMI on what you should be looking for in outsourcing a trusted contact center partner. The piece about the agent workforce is very insightful, detailing how technology is stepping in to handle tier 0 interactions, leaving agents...


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