“What’s important to remember is that customer journeys aren’t created; they’re discovered…” Jake Sorforman of Gartner

Agents play a vital role when it comes to your contact center.  By interacting with your customers on the daily, they witness first-hand what their pain points are.  Whether it be product issues, service issues, or technology issues, they bring perspective into the customer journey.  Although structured data provides valuable insight around customer satisfaction via CES, NPS, and CSAT, unstructured data coming from agents provide unique knowledge around the customers.  These working in tandem, allow CX leaders to shape customer journeys for optimal success.  Check out the article from TechSee on 4 ways agents can contribute to the customer journey. #CX #CustomerExperience #Culture #AgentEmpowerment #CallCenters #CCaaS #journeymaps #customercentric